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Hope Home Ready for Family

From homelessness to self-sufficiency

The First United Presbyterian Church purchased a residence located on the west side of  Winterset to begin a new ministry.  The house has been prepared to be transitional housing for a family in the area who is currently homeless.  The church is partnering with various community agencies and organizations along with expertise within the congregation to create a program that will assist the family members to move toward self-sufficiency once again.

Over the summer, members of the congregation have been working to make some improvements upon the residence.  Items have been collected to help furnish the home.  A client care ministry team has prepared a structure, taken applications, interviewed potential families and made a recommendation to the leadership of the congregation regarding a family to be the first of many in the home.  Client care ministry team member, Donna Vaughan, stated, “This is really exciting!” as she talked about the family and the step of having someone move into the home.

In February, the leadership adopted a plan for the new ministry.  Throughout the month of March, leaders presented the need and details of the proposed new ministry venture to the members of the congregation through special presentations during each worship service.  The leadership also toured potential residential properties which could be utilized for this ministry.  In April of this year, the congregation voted to purchase the house and to begin preparations for the creation of Hope Home.

“This is what being a church truly means,” said the Reverend Jim Howland, pastor at First United Presbyterian Church.  “Over the last few months, members of the congregation have worked very hard to prepare the home for a family.  It has generated a lot of enthusiasm among the members.  They are being given the opportunity to live out their faith and make a difference in someone’s life.”

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